Do Muslims & Christians Worship the Same God?

“It has been a decade since I decided to leave Islam, and the fallout of my decision haunts me every day. I knew it would, but I also knew that I was sure.” –Nabeel Qureshi

What former devout Muslim Nabeel Qureshi discovered in his fifteen-year investigation into the evidence for Christianity and Islam wrenched his heart and transformed his life.

Now, Nabeel reveals his findings in his new book, No God but One: Allah or Jesus?the follow-up to the New York Times bestseller, Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus.



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In the New York Times bestselling book No God but One: Allah or Jesus?, Nabeel Qureshi examines the most important questions at the intersection of Islam and Christianity:

  • How do Christianity & Islam differ?
  • Are the differences significant?
  • Can we be confident that either religion is true?
  • Is it worth sacrificing everything for the truth?

Nabeel shares stories from his life and ministry, casts new light on current events, and explores pivotal incidents in the histories of both religions, providing a resource that is gripping and thought-provoking, respectful and challenging.

Readers of Qureshi’s first book, Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus, will appreciate this careful and respectful comparison of Islam and Christianity. Both religions teach that there is No God but One, but who deserves to be worshiped, Allah or Jesus?

Key quotes

Both Muslims and Christians believe that there is no God but one, but is He Allah or is He Jesus? I can tell you from personal experience and in all sincerity: How we answer this question has the power to change who we are.

What are the differences between Islam and Christianity? Can we be confident that Christianity or Islam is true? Is it worth sacrificing everything for the truth? It took me four years to answer these questions, and they remain so important to me that I've studied them for another decade beyond.

Leaving Islam can cost you everything: family, friends, job, everything you have ever known, and maybe even life itself. Is it really worth sacrificing everything for the truth? The answer is simple: It depends on the value of the truth.

SUMMARY of Contents

Prologue: Fatima's Dilemma

Question 1: Are Islam and Christianity Really All That Different?
Introduction to Question One: No God but One

Part 1: Sharia or the Gospel: Two Different Solutions

Part 2: Tawhid or the Trinity: Two Different Gods

Part 3: Muhammad or Jesus: Two Different Founders

Part 4: The Quran or the Bible: Two Different Scriptures

Part 5: Jihad or the Crusades: Two Different Holy Wars

Question 2: Can We Know Whether Islam or Christianity Is True?
Introduction to Question Two: Investigating Islam and Christianity

Part 6: Did Jesus Die on the Cross?

Part 7: Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?

Part 8: Did Jesus Claim to Be God?

A Midway Summary to Question Two: Assessing the Case for Christianity and Islam's Efforts to Account for Christian Origins

Part 9: Is Muhammad a Prophet of God?

Part 10: Is the Quran the Word of God?

Conclusion to Question Two: Islam or Christianity? The Evidence Is Clear

Conclusion: Is the Truth Worth Dying For?

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International Retailers: CUM Books, Indigo,,, Koorong.